U.S. History II Syllabus

American History II Syllabus

Miss Bair

 Course Description: This is a general overview of American history starting with life after the Civil War and ending with contemporary history (late 20th century/early 21st century). Some of the specific time periods that will be discussed are: Reconstruction, Westward expansion, World War I, the roaring 20’s, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the 1960’s, Vietnam, the Nixon Era, the Republican Revolution, and life post 9/11.  

Required Materials:  You will be asked to bring several items with you to class everyday.  Please be sure to always have the following with you: 1.       interactive notebook

2.       writing utensil

3.       agenda

4.       warm-up sheet

5.       positive attitude

6.       open mind 

Classroom Rules and Expectations: All students are entitled to a safe learning environment.  To secure this environment all students are expected to:

  1. Come to class prepared to learn. (Pencils sharpened, pen, paper, notebook, and on time!)
  2. Respect all property. (School property, personal property, and other's property)
  3. Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody's ideas or thoughts.
  4. Do your very best!

***I should NEVER see any electronic devices in class, including but not limited to: cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc.    

Consequences: Failure to follow rules will result in any of the following:          

   1.       verbal warning

2.       chat before or after class

 3.       parental contact/detention

4.       office referral  

*Please note that specific behavior may result and warrant in any of the above mentioned items being skipped. 

 Absences/Tardies:  I understand that people get sick and miss school, that is only human nature.  However, upon your return to school, you must gather all materials missed (from class folder) and make all items in the time you were out of school.  For example, if you were absent Monday and Tuesday and returned back to school on Wednesday, all items would be due at the LATEST by Friday.  In general, the more you are in class, the better your grade.  Try to be in school as much as possible!  Also, if a quiz, test, or presentation is missed during an absence, you will have 5 school days to make up the missed item. After 5 days, you will receive a grade of zero.   

Late Assignments:  I do not accept late assignments (unless you were sick).  NO late assignments will be given and NO partial credit will be assigned.  Any work not turned in during your class period, will result in a grade of zero.   Warm Ups:  Everyday that you come into class, you will be expected to copy down the warm up question and to answer the question to your best ability on the warm up sheet provided.  Warm ups will be collected and graded every Friday.   

Presentations and Projects: There will be projects and presentations throughout the course of the year. Every project and presentation will receive a rubric.  You will be given plenty of time to prepare.  In most cases, I will provide some class time to work on projects and presentations.

 Current Events:  Every Friday students will be expected to participate in current events.  You will be assigned specific days to report on a current event.  Anyone who is unprepared on the day of their scheduled current event will be expected to present the following week and will lose half credit.  A rubric and direction sheet will be provided.   

Journal Entries: Every Friday you will be given a topic to write in your journals about.  You are expected to use this time to reflect and use good writing skills.  A rubric and direction sheet will be provided.   

Extra Credit:  You will have an opportunity to earn up to 30 extra credit points a marking period.  You must do the following in order to receive extra credit: 1.       fill out an extra credit proposal form2.       have teacher permission3.       complete it in the time allotted by teacher  Quizzes/Exams:  In general, I will always give you plenty of notice of upcoming assessments.  Exams and quizzes may include some or all of the following: multiple choice, short answer, essay, and identification.
**If you are absent the day of a quiz or exam, you will have 5 school days to make up the missed material.  Failure to make up material will result in the grade of a zero.  

Notebook Checks: I check notebooks and grade them. It is your responsibility to keep your interactive notebooks organized and complete.  Notebook checks will be both announced and unannounced.  

In general I am looking forward to a fun and successful year!  Together we can make history educational and enjoyable! J