All About Me

My name is Sierra Bair and I am a native of Hanover, Pennsylvania.  I am a 2004 graduate of South Western Senior High School, where I played field hockey and softball. 

After high school, I decided to pursue my history degree as well as teaching certificate, which I received from Hood College located in Frederick, Maryland in 2008.  I absolutely loved college, and I was pretty successful at it, too! (That's good news for you, huh?)  In college I served as class president, involved in countless activities and clubs, and I also played outfield on the Hood College softball team. 

I am the youngest child of two.  My older brother is an attorney in York, Pennsylvania and my sister-in-law is a French teacher at South Western High School.  Together, my brother and sister-in-law have a daughter named Olivia who was born in July 2009. 

(Halloween, 2009 - Olivia and me)

In the summer time, you will most likely find me working side-by-side of my parents in their business, Cannonball Malt Shop, an icecream shop, located in Gettysburg.  My parents are hard workers who instilled in me not only work ethic but also family values. 

I have a boyfriend of three years, whom I met in college and love very much.  Together, we have a dog, a puggle (part beagle and part pug), named Daisy.  Daisy is an extremely gentle and fun loving puppy, but she can sometimes get into trouble! (But, hey, can't we all?) 



I taught last year at Spring Grove High School for a year, for a teacher on maternity leave.  I had a wonderful experience there, which prepared me for my place and time at Hanover High School.

I love to travel and to be active.  I love visiting Europe, especially since I spent some time in Germany and speak pretty decent German.  I hope to visit Greece and Italy very soon. 

In general, I love teaching! I really feel it was what I was meant to do! I look forward to yet another successful school year!